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The Early Drug Discovery Unit at The Neuro

Through the practice of Open Science, The Neuro’s Early Drug Discovery Unit (EDDU) aims to accelerate discovery of new treatments for neurological disorders and to promote sharing of knowledge, scientific research data, and materials, which benefits patients worldwide.


Open Science


The Neuro's EDDU is powered by Open Science.

We believe in freely sharing data and materials to speed up drug discovery and engage in the following Open Science activities:


Open data - Publishing in open access journals

Open access - Sharing protocols and providing training

Open intellectual property - Promoting open partnerships with industry

Open sharing - Making our reagents available

Forebrain neurons stained for VGLUT1 (green) and MAP2 (magenta). The nuclei are labeled with the nuclear marker Hoechst 33342 (blue).
Photo by: Cecilia Rocha


Contact Us

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For general inquiries: Contact Luisa Pimentel.

For career and training opportunities: Contact Lenore Beitel.

For operations and lab oversight: Contact Genevieve Dorval by email or phone

For accessing iPSCs: Please contact C-BIG

Visit our main website for more information about our research, our iPSC Seminar Series, and more.

Early Drug Discovery Unit

The Neuro

North Wing B150

3801 University

Montreal, QC H3A 2B4 

Office phone number: 514-398-7298

Lab phone number: 514-398-3427

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