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Read our 2023 publications below.

Original Papers
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α-synuclein preformed fibrils bind to β-neurexins and impair β-neurexin-mediated presynaptic organization

April 2023

Benjamin Feller et al.

DOI: 10.1101/2023.01.28.526024

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Loss of C9orf72 perturbs the Ran-GTPase gradient and generates compositionally diverse cytoplasmic Importin β-1 granules in motor and cortical neurons in vivo

February 2023

Philip McGoldrick et al.

DOI: 10.1101/2021.10.20.465148


An Optimized Workflow to Generate and Characterize iPSC-Derived Motor Neuron (MN) Spheroids

February 2023

Maria Jose Castellanos-Montiel et al.

DOI: 10.3390/cells12040545

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Systematic comparison of culture media uncovers phenotypic shift of primary human microglia defined by reduced reliance to CSF1R signaling

January 2023

Marie-France Dorion et al.

DOI: 10.1002/glia.24338



Single-cell RNA sequence analysis of post-mortem midbrain tissue reveals altered glial cell function in Parkinson's disease 

Indra Roy, Rhalena A. Thomas, Thomas M. Durcan


The Mer tyrosine kinase mediates the internalization of alpha-synuclein fibrils by human microglia

Marie-France Dorion, Konstantin Senkevich, Moein Yaqubi, Wen Luo, Amber Wallis, Irina Shlaifer, Jack P. Antel, Ziv Gan-Or, Tim Bartel, Thomas M. Durvan, Luke M. Healy

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Screening for compounds that reduce alpha synuclein fibril load in iPSC-derived neuronal cells

Andrea I. Krahn, Wolfgang E. Reintsch, Chanshuai Han, Emmanuelle Nguyen-Renou, Carol X.-Q. Chen, Wen Luo, Edward A. Fon, Thomas M. Durcan

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