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2D Differentiation and Induction Protocols

Motor Neuron Induction and Differentiation

This protocol is an interactive and clickable pdf describing how to:

• Generate motor neural progenitor cells (MNPCs)
• Generate motor neurons from MNPCs

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Dopaminergic or Cortical Neuron Differentiation

This is an interactive protocol to describe and to assist in training on how to:

• Culture dopaminergic (DA) or cortical neural progenitor cells (NPCs)
• Generate DA or cortical neurons from DA or cortical NPCs, respectively

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Dopaminergic or Cortical Neural Progenitor Cell Induction

This protocol describes how to generate dopaminergic (DA) or cortical neural progenitor cells (NPCs) from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Generation of OPCs and Oligodendrocytes from iPSCs

This protocol describes how to:

  • Generate and culture oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) from iPSCs

  • Differentiate and culture functional myelinating oligodendrocytes 

Cilia, iPSC-derived Neurons, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Watch this video to learn about the work being done at the EDDU with iPSC-derived neurons and brain organoids to understand the role of cilia in neurodevelopmental disorders.

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