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Accelerate your data analysis with our open access software. Our software is freely available for downloading at your convenience.

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High Content and Automation

A Fiji macro for measuring organoid area and size. Click below for more information on how to use orgM, or click here to visit our GitHub and get started. 


Image J python / jython macro to analyze 2D cell cultures counting cell density and positive cells for markers of interest.

Read the publication by Carol X. -Q. Chen et al. using CellQ



A program to automatically process qPCR data from csv files in any PCR machine. To create a normalized data table of RNA/DNA quantities, statistics, and bar charts.

Read the publication by Gilles Maussion et al. using Auto-qPCR here.


A Fiji (ImageJ) macro written in jython for automated batch analysis of histology sections.

Read the publication by Omid Tavassoly et al. using HistQ


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A Fiji macro written in jython to analysis IF images of cryosection from organoid tissues.

Read the publication by Nguyen-Vi Mohammed et al. using OrgQ here.

180906 aiw002-02 ipsc day.tif
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