Accessing and Using the iPSC Catalogue

At the EDDU we have a catalogue of iPSC lines from healthy individuals and from patients with neurological disorders that can be freely accessed for a small fee. Our cells are for experimental use only.


To access the cells, please contact C-BIG.

To learn more about how the cells are made or for general inquiries, contact us at

C-BIG Repository

The EDDU works alongside the C-BIG Repository at The Neuro to accelerate translational research on neurological disorders.

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Chen CX-Q, Abdian N, Maussion G, Thomas RA, Demirova I, Cai E, Tabatabaei M, Beitel LK, Karamchandani J, Fon EA, Durcan TM. A Multistep Workflow to Evaluate Newly Generated iPSCs and Their Ability to Generate Different Cell Types. Methods and Protocols. 2021; 4(3):50.

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